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We have decided to switch off Recaptcha for all Memberstack users by default. You can opt-in to it if you have a high-volume of members signing up or after you see an increase in spam signups (instructions here).

This measure is a response to a lot of community members getting a "Looks like you're a bot" message during login or sign-up. Once we roll out Memberstack 2.0, our goal is to implement significant updates and a new form of Recaptcha that allows members to prove that they are not a bot when necessary. However, in order to stay on track with our timeline and get you access to a much more powerful version of Memberstack, we've decided to take this approach as a short-term solution.

If you have any feedback related to Recaptcha or other ideas for Memberstack, please add it here. As always, if you have any questions please let us know!

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Memberstack Team
Can you add an additional hidden input field to the signup and login forms and filter out bots who fill info in this field. This might keep some of them away.

Maybe a good solution along side Recaptcha
This is something I have suggested to the dev team. They are still working out what the best option would be.

This is something I used to do in the past and it seemed to work pretty well. For anyone else looking at this with a custom form, an old trick would be to add a fake field and hide it with css. With some custom javascript you would check to see if a value exists in the field before submitting the form. Usually bots do not see css/design on a website and will just auto fill in fields which triggers the form not to submit. 😃

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