We have made some improvements to the 'Password Reset' experience for members:

  • The reply-to email for all password reset emails is now the website owners email, so you can help your members if they're having trouble resetting their password.
  • We are now using an HTML template for Password Reset emails to make it look more official instead of plain-text emails.
  • We improved the wording on the Password Reset modal to be less confusing for your members.
  • Password reset codes are now called '6-digit one-time codes' to clarify how they are meant to be used.

Hope that helps your applications & businesses with another small touch of improved customer/member experience. 😄

Cool stuff! Do you allow editing of the html in the email? 
Not yet — that's something we'll be able to look into once we launch 2.0 😁
Hey Jacob! Please add a vote or comment to this item in our roadmap to be notified when this feature is available. 😃

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