This one is for all the developers out there πŸ˜„

Instead of relying on members to click on a button that contains a membership ID, you can now use the following function.
This will select the membership you would like the member to signup for πŸ˜„
Now we just need members to signup for more than one plan and the ability to mix and match access to different content 😁
Does this mean we can have a dropdown menu on the sign up form where a member can select which membership they would like to sign up for?
If you have a custom signup form then yes! You could also try placing data membership id's directly on the dropdown menu options just like you would do with any other buttons.
ο»Ώ Warren ο»Ώ If you're asking about a dropdown in the pre-build signup modal, then no. However, you could request that feature here:

I'll reply ASAP.Β 
HeyΒ ο»Ώ Warren ο»Ώ I am working on an example right now for a dropdown selection for memberships.
Try filling in the form and using the Membership B option, click out of the modal that pops up and then change to Membership A and submit the form again. This will show you the membership being changed on the fly. πŸ˜ƒ I am so excited this feature is out!

Also working on a tutorial

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