Hi Community.ย 
Sorry for the random subject...

I have a case, some of you maybe could help me solve.

I am about to release a service providing a monthly beer subscription.
My customers will receive 6 beers in the beginning of each month.

But i can't really figure out how I can control the subscription period.
I would like the 20th to be the last day in the month they can order the upcoming box, so we know how much we need to order from the different breweries.

It's ok if a solution takes some kind of manually work, but can any of you see any workaround to a problem like this.

Best regards
Jeppe Vinumย Can you provide a little more detail on your setup? Are you creating your site/subscription in Webflow or another platform? Do you have any screenshots or a live site that you can link to? Just thinking that it may be helpful for anyone reading to give them some context so they could provide you an idea.ย 
It seems that there is a way to manage that. I think that you can setup order confirmation emails through zapier and add some condition, which will check if it is later than 20th of the month and in that case send a confirmation for the next month, maybe?

If you could make your workflow a bit more clear, definately there will be a way to help.

John E. Matias The subscriptions are made trough Memberstack on a Webflow website. So I just need the money to be drawn from my members account the 20th every month. But i cant see how I can control this. Though it can be controlled in Stripe. One of the parameter that I can set when setting up a Subscription there, is the billing_cycle_anchor. This helps me set the date when the subscription should renew.

But can I control this in Memberstack? Im still running on a test account, so i dont know yet, how memberstack integrates with Stripe.

Igor Voroshilov What email service are you refering to? I am using mailchimp right now, and the way its connected is:

1. New member in Memberstack -> Make a new subscriber in Mailchimp -> Send out a welcome mail and get into the mailchimp group called "member".

2. User update there memberstack info -> Update user info in Mailchimp

3. Cancel their subscription in memberstack -> Change their mailchimp group to: "former member" -> Send out a Goodbye email.

And then i still need to figure out how I can get them back in the mailchimp group called "member" if they reactivate their subscription.

I dont see how I can control the date, when they sign up, as you refering to?

Best regards
Helloย Jeppe Vinum, I don't have a good idea on how you can exactly create the scenario you want to make. The only thing I can suggest is that you provide detail on the sign-up page showing the cut-off date for payment to be included in the next shipment. So if they were looking at the page today then it would say
  • "Order today (11/19/2020) for Delivery in December!"ย 

And if they looked at the page in two days then it might sayย 

  • "Order today (11/21/2020) for Delivery in January!"

Regardless of when they sign-up they will be told when their first order is going to start and then you track in the back end your customers and what dates they ordered and their corresponding delivery schedules.ย 

I really tried to come up with something clever but I can't think of anything else! Good luck on this, definitely let us know if you figured it out.ย 

I agree. I don't think that you can set a day of subscription payment for your members.

I am usually using gmail for sending one-time notification emails for my members. I trigger email through Zapier as well.

And I use Mailchimp for newsletters.

For this use case, I would add a mention of a shipment data asย John E. Matiasย suggested. That looks like the best option.

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