Hi there - new to Memberstack and am looking to see whether it can support one of our use cases. We often get orders from organizations (HR or managers) for groups of employees. In other words 1 purchase -> n users created.

Does Memberstack support the ability for a user to order and pay for a group of memberships? We'd also need to apply bulk discounts above certain thresholds.

If it's not natively possible, is there a way to do this via an integration?
Hello Scott πŸ‘‹
Awesome to meet you! So great news, if you're using Memberstack you can definitely do it. I would recommend you instead create a membership and add a coupon for the n users, as I assume they will need their own account. This will work for the bulk discounts because you have complete control over what discounts to give them.Β 

You can also limit the amount of coupons that can be redeemed under "Sales", "Coupons", "Redemption Limit".

Let me know if this doesn't work for your use-case πŸ˜„
I was just about to ask the same question! Just so I am clear, I will put this into a hypothetical situation. A headteacher wants to buy 30 memberships for her staff. She does this by buying a 'coupon' for her staff with a redemption limit of 30. She distributes the coupons to her staff and they sign up.

The following year the headteacher gets a reminder to purchase another annual licence for her 30 staff again.Β 

Something like that?
I’m not sure how the administrator would buy the n licenses. Can’t they only register for one membership?
ο»Ώ Scott ο»ΏΒ  It's possible they would like their own account for different content?Β 
ο»Ώ Paul Main ο»Ώ Yes, essentially that's the idea. πŸ˜ƒ Depending on the membership settings, they can either renew a year later (getting charged a second time automatically) or as you said it expires and they would then need to purchase a new membership. The membership billing times are quite flexible with Memberstack.Β 

If it's the coupons you're worried about, you can change the expiry date so either it never ends, or expires on a set date. πŸ™

ο»Ώ JS ο»ΏΒ Yes defintely. What I mean is how can user A (administrator) order and pay for the memberships for 20 other people. I get that we can create a coupon with limited uses. That's great. But can they select 20 (or n) # of memberships on the checkout screen? And would we be able to apply discounts based on volume?
ο»Ώ Scott ο»Ώ Gotcha, unfortunately at this moment we don't offer individual items to be added to "check-out basket"
or apply discounts based on volume yet. We're a small team πŸ˜…Β  and we're working on adding these features πŸ‘Β  We do have this feature request on our Road Map so please add an upvote or comment to receive updates for them and let our devs know this is something you want.Β 

(https://future.memberstack.com/problems/p/enable-quantities-during-checkout) (https://future.memberstack.com/problems/p/programmatically-apply-coupons-discounts)

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