Has anyone found a smart solution for allowing people to buy 'gift' memberships?

This is my current thoughts around workflow for it, but it is evidently quite manual. Wondering if anyone has created a smarter one...

  1. Webflow form with details of gift membership: 
    1. Email of recipient
    2. When should it start
    3. Type of membership
  2. Manually reate invoice in Stripe - send to customer to pay 
    1. NB - invoice in Stripe should have the correct membership plan, but be scheduled to end on a particular date (to not affect churn stats) -> how can this be achieved?
  3. Customer pays invoice
  4. After invoice is paid, a pdf is sent to customer confirming the payment, and a unique code is provided. 
    1. Customer can choose to start the subscription on a predefined date
    2. Or customer can choose for the recipient to just 'redeem' it on Webflow site -> need to create a form with code input 
  5. Pdf given by customer to intended recipient
  6. Recipient then goes to website.com/gift/redeem, enters code, submits a form, and is told that they will receive the details of their membership once the team has checked their code - they will receive the details via email within the next 60 mins 
    1. Can this be achieved via an Airtable lookup?
I've been using https://giftup.app to create gift cards and is built on stripe. When someone wants to redeem I have them send an email and process a refund equivalent to the amount they want to redeem.
 Tim  I've just set it up now. It does look good but I'm a little concerned with this part

It is not possible to apply a discount coupon that fully covers the value of the checkout/item being purchased. This is because Stripe does not allow a zero value order to be placed as part of a Checkout session. In other words you can not have a gift card (which is represented as a Coupon in your Stripe account) fully cover the cost of a Checkout, which you would normally expect from a gift card being used.

This is a Stripe limitation, please direct complaints to Stripe directly 😊

Is this why you have a manual workaround by processing a refund?

GiftUp would be great if the coupon code could just be used for oa 100% discount on the specified membership...
 Alastair Budge   I wasn't aware of this limitation but the manual refund helps keep our options flexible. While the manual approach does require human intervention to complete the process we haven't got so many people redeeming gift cards that it's a problem scaling...
We've included specific redemption instructions that consumers need to go through in order to redeem, check it out here: https://mandydimarzo.com/gift-burn
PS I'm keeping my eyes open for a better more automated solution so we can scale more effectively when necessary.
 Tim  OK so when someone buys a gift pass can they use that code for the discount when signing up with Mandy DiMarzo? When I tested it with GiftUp the code didn't work when trying to redeem against a memberstack membership ...
Alastair Budge  No. They make a purchase as they would usually paying with their credit card. They then forward their gift card to us via email and we process a refund for the gift card amount via stripe. Like i said it’s manual but it keeps all transactions and customer records in stripe. Make sense?
 Tim  Ah ok, got it. I had hoped that the GiftUp promo code would also work for signup, but it seems that it doesn't.

I wonder how much that hurts the conversion rate of gift cards if people know that this is the situation. Any reason you don't allow them to send the gift card before signing up and then give them a promo code that they can use during signup? Seems like that would avoid the refunding situation (Stripe + MS fees) and be a better deal for the user, as they don't have to pay and wait for a refund.
Alastair Budge I  think customers assume it works a certain way and that works in our favor. We prefer people to signup first so there’s an account we can credit and no typos. There’s always a group of people who forget they have gift cards and we limit the redemption period to 3months. And you’re right about transaction fees from multiple tech providers but it’s a negligible and unclaimed gift cards more than cover it. 
 Tim  I've actually had a bit of back and forth with the GiftUp team - they are super helpful.

Long story short, for a coupon to work on a memberstack payment it needs to be created in memberstack. But a workaround is that you can just create another coupon in Memberstack with a code that matches the one of every gift membership that's bought, so the user never knows.

Could be a simpler solution for you rather than asking to buy and refund...
 Alastair Budge   I spoke to the giftUp team too. Like you said very helpful. And the approach you outline here makes sense. I think I tried this and it didn't work at the time because memberstack didn't have the ability to limit coupon claims and/ or I wanted some level of flexibility I wasn't getting... Might be worth revisiting. I'm hoping memberstack refines it's offering in this area 🤞

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