Hi there, 

I'm trying to use memberstack coupled with Webflow to build an MVP. In order for this to work, I need to be able to allow users who sign up the option to invite users (even in bulk). 

is there a way to do this that someone can suggest? 

There is no pre-canned solution for this. That said there are ways... 😎

Here's one way.

  1. Using a native form in Webflow, have people submit their email address (not a password) and any other info you want. 
  2. Have Integromat get triggered on this form submission
  3. Add that form submission to an Airtable base
  4. Setup an Airtable automation so that when you tag (or similar) the invite it shoots out an email
  5. In that email have a link to a "hidden" page on your Webflow site (not linked to from anywhere else on the site) to a MemberStack signup form
  6. (optional) Disable the email field and pre-populate with the email from Airtable (a tad bit of Custom Code)

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