I'm trying to create an ecommerce site that is only accessible by member. This is my first time creating membership site using Memberstack-Webflow.

Is it possible to use the same CMS page but display different content depending on member? If it's possible, is there a guide for this?
Hey Calvin 👋 This is possible but its not really secure. The reason why is because you would be showing and hiding content from webflow so you would need to have the it on the page and hide it with CSS only. For the average person this would be fine but for anyone who is savvy they could just remove the CSS with the browsers developer tools. That being said, if you are still wanting to do this you would need to follow this article in our help center. 😃
Hi,  Josh Lopez  . No worries. I already have a solution for it. Instead of hiding the products from different members, I removed them using script by checking the logged in member ID with the product that has hidden member ID attached. If it matches, it will remains, else will be removed.
So, even tech savvy will not able to see the products if their member ID doesn't match with the specific product. In addition, Memberstack has script to kick out/redirect users if JS is disabled. In a way, it works but not as efficient. 😂

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