I'm using Memberstack's 'Member-specific pages' power-up with Webflow  - overall it's working well.

My problem: When I setup the power-up, I turned on the 'Send members to their page on login' toggle, and it worked well for a while. However, for the past 1-2 days new member signups were redirected to a 'Page Not Found' message. To bypass this, I turned off the toggle; however, instead of fixing the issue, now all logins (new signups and existing members) are redirected to the same page. I think something is overriding my Redirect URLs in webflow.

The URL that the logins are being redirected to is...

This probably goes without say, given the 'Page Not Found' error, but '/my-home' is not even a page on my website.

What I think is happening, but can't seem to fix: On various pages of the website, there's a 'my home' link which uses the #/ms/member-page/default URL to take the user to their member-specific page. I think that this URL has hijacked the text in the link (my-home) and is passing it as a URL. 

Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. 


Hey there 👋

I just took a look at your website. Try taking the redirect off your form element on your signup page. This may solve the issue. If not let me know and I will look again 😃
Oh and you also need to remove the data-ms-form="signup" from the div wrapping the form element.
Josh Lopez , I removed the data-ms-form="signup" from the div wrapping the form element and I removed the redirect off the sign-up page's form element. Still having the problem. Thanks. 
Hello again. I double-checked this and everything is looking right on my end. I then tried to go to https://www.intagliosimulations.com/simulator-home which is where you have your members going after login and signup. Even not logged in it is doing a redirect which makes me think you have a redirect somewhere else in your webflow settings in the hosting tab.
OK. You've been very helpful. Thanks for taking a look from your end. 


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