Hi Memberstack Team & Community!

First off, I want to commend you guys on an amazing product. It has saved us loads of time and headaches 💜

One major thing we'd like to know more about... it would seem Memberstack API is not currently live. https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/4207841-memberstack-s-beta-api

Is there any ETA on this? We need to be able to use the API for many reasons (updating users, primarily). I see it can be used with "Integromat" which is nice, but the option to use with Pipedream would be amazing.

Additionally, the ability to change Memberships via API would be beautiful. Reason being, we use Memberstack for housing users, not accepting payments (since we have a very rigid Invoicing procedure, as well as want to use other payment methods). Being able to change between Memberships of a User on the backend, programmatically, would allow for leveraging Memberstack's redirect and hidden content feature set more seamlessly throughout a User's journey. (e.g. Registers, Pays, Onboarding, Order Progression).

Hi Josiah,

Our API is currently live 😃

You can find docs for it here (https://docs.memberstack.com/)
Hey there!

I am getting this error when trying to update via API:

{ error:
   '0 ,1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12 ,13 ,14 ,15 ,16 ,17 ,18 ,19 ,20 ,21 ,22 ,23 ,24 ,25 ,26 ,27 ,28 ,29 ,30  are not a valid field.' }
Also used the same code structure via codesandbox.io and still, same error.

It varies from 0-76 (are not valid).
I'm also having trouble with the Update method on the API.  I just get the same member object returned, without it being updated. Also, the docs have the JSON.stringify on the data to be updated but the live example doesn't.

Got it by using HTTP POST (based on curl request).

Data is structured like basic json.

data: {
    “first-name”: “Bob”,
    “last-name”: “Sr”,
    “test-field”: “Very nice!”


However, keep in mind — if you update via API, you may find that custom fields do not update on the frontend for your members... We use MemberStack.reload() everywhere and even tried updating a member twice to force a change but it only worked 1/10 times. If we use Zapier or manually click Save Profile within MemberStack UI — it updates for the member on the frontend as expected. But not if you are sending via API... I asked them via support about this and haven’t received a response yet. Assuming it is a known issue. Due to this, we’ll likely be using Memberstack for merely dealing with User registration and logins — then passing jwt to our backend to pull member data from an external database.

Thanks for that.  I was just using the javascript method, I'll try calling it with curl to see if that is any different, although it shouldn't be I guess. The other methods (getMember etc) work, just not the Update. I was trying to change email and status but it's not working so far. 

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