I noticed we are auto-signed in when entering community.memberstack.com if we are signed into memberstack.io

I'm starting to build out Overfit.AI and have Memberstack Signup/Login working, but after signing up or logging in on the main website then entering community.overfit.ai, the user must sign in with Memberstack SSO again which is quite confusing. I would love to mirror what has been done here so users won't have to sign in twice!
Hey Chris 👋

We agree with you but we do not have that functionality yet. This is because we are not forcing users to add a working url at the moment. You can enter a url in your Memberstack settings but its only attached to the testing functions at the moment and are not required. We are still discussing how we can make something like this work for our users. Circle is working well for us because we know for sure what domains are being used because its ours. Just trying to be transparent. Tyler Bell do you have anything to add to this?
Ah understood. Maybe a workaround would be somehow making a "magic signin link" similar to how slack does it that would auto-sign-in the user to the Circle community? Alternatively, I'm assuming the signed-in browser cookie generated by memberstack would need to be recognized by Circle to auto-sign in a user

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