Hi everyone! Quick question for you—

My client has a Webflow site where folks can sign up for a paid membership. These members are sent over via Zapier to his Mailchimp audience and are tagged with "Member". This way he can keep his audience separate between those who subscribe to his free newsletters and those who paid for a membership.

We're looking to accomplish the following:
That only active members are in Mailchimp with the "Member" tag.
When their membership expires they lose the tag.
This will help ensure he is only emailing member stuff to active members.

How can this be done?
Ok—figured this one out. Here's how if anyone is curious. I revisited an email from Josh Lopez and Molly Floyd and Duncan Hamra where they suggested using Stripe's Cancelled Subscription as a trigger. I was confused why since this should also apply to expired memberships as well. But I now understand how Memberstack works with Stripe.

Memberstack acts as a "trigger" for Stripe. It logs the time the membership was created, how long it's for, and when to let Stripe know that it should no longer be active.

So in essence, Stripe's membership does get cancelled. Not just by the user but by Memberstack as well.

Then, in Zapier, I was having trouble locating an email associated with the customer. It was pulling up their ID, and all other data like when they brushed their teeth last and the last time they stubbed their toe, but no email address.

There needed to be a step between the trigger and the action to search for the customer in stripe, only then you could use the email address. Why? I dunno, but it works 👍
Nice use case and solution! Thank you for sharing!
Ah - thank you for sharing your solution here! I'm working on some ways to make it more clear how Memberstack works on top of Stripe for new users as well to make this easier to spot. :)

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