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Posted by:  Daniel Fascia  
  1. What are the storage limitations of the front-end API? How much data can you stuff into a user's JSON object? It would be good to know if this object is truly usable as something like a store for course progress etc or it is going to be too limited.
  2. What are the future plans for custom data storage?

From:  Tyler Bell 
Hey Daniel!
  1.  We don't have any limits on the JSON object 😃 That said, retrieve/update performance will be impacted based on the amount of data stuffed in the object.
2. We do want to visit more robust ways of storing data in the future, but haven't planned for that yet.

Is there anything you would like to see related to Memberstack + Data storage?
 Daniel Fascia  Follow up questions (including Tyler's)

  1. What do you use for data storage now?
  2. What do you consider when deciding where to store data?
  3. Any other thoughts or ideas related to Memberstack + data storage?
Let me explain the use case I wanted to interrogate for which I'm using data.

Courseware site restricting access to courses on membership tiers:
  • Tracking progress of each lesson (recording lesson_id, video_play_position, completion_status)
  • Tracking course progress status (progress_status, percentage_complete, certification_issued, date_completed)
  • User level preferences (prefers_dark etc..., record of historical memberships )
None of this data is large but there is the potential for the course and lesson tracking data to grow to a decent number of keys/values and arrays so I wanted to check before I started out storing it.

There is an argument that this stuff would be better stored in a separate database, but for now I haven't set that up.

Based on a prior response I received from one of your team (which I don't think is quite right) I had disregarded MS as an option for storing this data but it does actually sound feasible now.

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