Hello everyone. This seems to be an awesome forum for memberstack beginners like me. I'm wanting to start a subscription based travel business. There will be 4 different levels of membership. Every time a customer joins a certain membership and thus make a payment/make a monthly payment, I'd like the customer to be able to login in to their dashboard and see how much they have paid so far. What is the best way to structure the website in Webflow?

From my initial research I presume that I'll use zapier/integromat to automatically create a member page within collections? Is there a way of then showing how much they have already paid? I am happy to store the data on how much each member has paid somewhere then it be imported into webflow for example on a daily basis. I feel a bit lost at the moment, so if anyone can assist, I'd be really grateful!
Hey! Welcome to the community!
Do you want to sum up all of the fee member paid for his membership period? Or just a price of a current membership?
Hi Igor, thanks for your reply. What are the options for:
a) sum up all of the fee the member has paid?
b) List individual monthly payments?

For a), I presume it's a simple case of adding a hidden field then using a custom attribute to show it within their dashboard?Β 

Many thanksΒ 

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