I've built a custom sign up form in webflow and verified it through memberstack, however, I can't seem to get the dropdown list to work where a member chooses their membership level when signing up.

For each dropdown choice, I've added the membership id as the value but I'm not sure where to put "data-ms-membership". 
Warren not totally clear on this. Are you saying that the road block is... 

  1. With populating the dropdown items with the name of each membership?
  2. Or a user can choose the membership via your dropdown but when signing up they are being added to the membership they selected via the dropdown? 
  3. ..or am I totally misunderstanding 😅
 ChrisDrit  thanks for the reply. I have 3 membership levels (Basic, Pro, Premium). 
I'd like to have one sign up form, and on that signup form, I'd like for the member to be able to choose which membership they will be signing up for.

Right now, when I attempt to sign up, it always goes to the default membership in Memberstack which tells me that it's ignoring that membership level field. Here is a picture of the form...

Hopefully, that makes more sense 😀
Gotcha. Yes, thank you. That makes much more sense now 🙂

With MemberStack, if you have a custom form and more than one Membership, it'll default to the first Membership you created, which (as you've noted) is happening to you.

In order to change that, say...if you have 3 separate forms (one for each Membership plan) you need to add some data attributes to the form telling MemberStack which plan this form belongs to:

So your issue is the you are not doing this "association" after someone makes the selection from the drop down menu on your form. Hence...it goes to the default Membership.

Unless someone else has a better approach, I'd suggest some custom Javascript code.

If you can capture the form submit within your own Javascript code first, then check the drop down selection, and assign the correct data attribute to the form based upon that drop down select, you should be good 2 go!

I haven't tried this approach yet (though it's interesting), so I don't know if there would be any overlap with what MemberStack is doing to hook into the form, but that's where I'd start.

Did that help?

 ChrisDrit  thanks for the quick reply and sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I checked with memberstack and they don't currently support this natively (which blows my mind) so I think the solution would have to entail some custom JS as you suggested. I'll report back if I ever get around to implementing it.

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