Are there any MS FAQs / posts that I've missed around the best way to show / hide elements based on both the member status AND Webflow CMS conditions?

Memberstack is great at showing/hiding stuff based on the member status, but how to combine this with conditional visibility in Webflow?

e.g with Webflow CMS items I have a property that is Premium (YES/NO)

Within each CMS item, there are elements on the page that I want to show/hide to different members based on their membership.

e.g. for this element, if property = premium AND ms-membership is 'membership1', show, else hide.

I know I can just recreate multiple versions of the element, but I imagine there are smarter ways of doing it (eg with a bit of JS).
I don't know of anything off-hand that walks through exactly what you're asking for, sorry. Maybe someone else will...

That said, here are my thoughts, maybe it will help get you a bit further?

You could definitely use Webflow's conditional visibility for the "premium" field you've mentioned and then on top of that, add some custom code to check for 'membership1' via the front end api.

My opinion is that this would be overly complicated and cause more issues than it solves.

If you have the ability to use a glue service (Zapier/Integromat) to toggle that one field within your CMS ('premium') based on 'rules' that you add within the glue service, it'll work much easier for you.

It looks like you could get the current members membership from the backend api via your glue service. This could feed into your rules engine toggling your Webflow CMS field which then, in turn, taps into Webflow's conditional visibility.

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