My domain is hosting the articles on a Webflow site 

Members are stored in that site. But as my site is growing I will hit 10K users probably in a month so I am preparing a subdomain to host the member pages for those new members. 

All is going well. But I am struggling with the login flow. 

The first login page is on (it's where they register). Users get a daily mail to the new article and can access it after logging in on www. 

I use a data-ms-member field to specify to which member cluster users belong and use this to rewrite the member page links. 

All works fine so I can scale up. However I am getting asked to login again on the member subdomain site when I go to the member page. 

I assume from the docs this scenario is possible and the cookies are shared across the domain but I am probably overlooking some things

Muchos gracias for the help (and the awesome product) 

Hi Hendrik! 👋

This is an awesome question! I'm happy to inform you we do have a solid solution for this. 🙂  Here's some helpful information from an article on Managing multiple domains using Memberstack:

Can I use multiple domains?

Yes and no. Memberstack will work on an unlimited number of domains IF the domains point to the same content. The issues begin when a user logs into one domain, but travels to another domain in the same session. They would have to log in again to access members-only content on that "new" domain.

Can I use a sub domain?

Yes! We just recommend that members sign up and log in on whatever subdomain contains your members-only content. A session is specific to the domain. and are a great example of this. You'll notice that the signup page appears to be on the main site, but is actually on the app.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! 😀  I hope this helps you get set up in a way that works best for you!

So the trick is to handle the login on a subdomain and not on the main domain? 

So I could create and this would grant access to content on any other domain with the suffix? 

Hi again, Hendrik!

Unfortunately, that isn't the case. If you are signed into and head back over to, you wont be signed into, but you WILL still be signed into The user sign-in sessions are restricted to the domain they were created in. It is possible for a user to be signed into both the domain and subdomain simultaneously, but it will require them to sign in on both for this to be possible. For this reason, we recommend keeping all member content on one domain. 🙂

Thanks for clarifying. Makes sense cookie / security wise. 

Signing in twice might be a hurdle but it solves the 10K records limit for members in Webflow. All content is on one server but the member only page to track their progress. 

A hurdle but manageable. 



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