Hello legends,  I understand out of the box Memberstack cannot support CRUD style user content.

I am wondering if anyone has any integration recipes for adding User Owned content (Create Rename Update Delete) within a Memberstack authenticated site?
The most difficult part of the CRUD setup is the Update form (or Edit form).

You need to pre-populate the from from the database (Webflow CMS).

The Create, Read, and Delete are a bit more straightforward.

Here's a quick example of one approach I've taken to do the Edit form (Update) part of this:

This is a 4 part series, original post found here along with the other 3 parts: https://nocodequest.com/commenting-system-with-webflow-part-4/

Thanks a lot for your reply Chris - I will watch that series - sounds like you've dived deep into this!
Hi  ChrisDrit . I’m having an issue when updating published CMS items. The changes made to existing CMS items are not showing in the published site. When editing a published CMS item and publishing the changes are not reflected in the published site. I have noticed that I have to publish the entire site for the changes to be available in the published site. Also, I have noticed that in pages that dont have the code to populate those fields the update is automatic. Hence, I have concluded that something relating to this might be stopping the update process?

I have created a video:

Also my share link if it helps:
Also my public shared link:

Appreciate your input on this if you can as I'm really struggling to find a solution. 


Hey Tim, I'm working on this now as well. Users can create and edit their profiles as well as create and modify their listings within their profile. Check out Connor Finlayson's Unicorn Factory demos on YouTube. Although he uses airtable forms to update profiles on the site, but it's possible to use custom webflow forms as well.
@ChrisDrit thank you for your videos. They are amazing and I am a huge fan and supporter. You have saved many headaches. I have a question in regards to populating fields in the form, is it possible to populate non-text fields such as Select Fields (Dropdown Fields)? I’m struggling with this and I don’t seem to find a solution. Thanks
🙏 thank you for the kind words 😎

I don’t have anything specifically (maybe I should create something) but check this out and see if it helps: How to Webflow: Adding data from Collections to Select Dropdown fields - YouTube
Thank you   ChrisDrit . I have already checked that out but unfortunately that doesn’t work as this dynamically changes the drop down menu options of the form field with collection items. What I’m trying is just to populate a CMS field in a drop down form field. I haven’t been able to find a way. Will keep digging. Thanks again.

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