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I have a client who wants to make a blog on Webflow as a membership travel guide. She'll start with a food guide (with about 200 restaurants), then come out with a drinks guide, shopping guide, and eventually add on more as she goes. I want to gate each category so members can only see the guides (categories) they paid for. Will this be possible on Memberstack? It sounds like it would, but I want to be sure before I jump in and offer to make this for her.
Hey there πŸ‘‹ This is possible but the only caveat right now is we do not allow a member to have more than 1 membership at a time. This means if a member has a membership for the travel guide and then purchases a membership for the food guide they will not be part of the travel guide anymore. This is something we want to fix in the future but we do not have an ETA on it yet.
ThanksΒ  Josh Lopez ! Would a workaround be maybe to group the food guide and drinks guide under the same category? And then when the shopping guide comes along put all three under the same category again? I can see the problem though when there's a whole bunch of guides and members want to pick and choose which ones they have access to though.
AmyIsOnline Β Yes that would be the workaround we suggest for the time being. This is something we talk about a lot and want to change in the future. We are currently working on laying the foundation for things like this which is why we honestly cant give an ETA on this feature yet.
Feel free to check out Jetboost for this use-case, sounds like you might find it helpful along with using Memberstack 😁
Neat, thank youΒ  Naitik Mehta ! It looks super helpful and I'm guessing it really adds to the member experience within Memberstack?
AmyIsOnline Β Yeah for sure! It's great for setting up searching, filtering, like & save functionality, etc.

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