I have a Memberstack Update Member trigger. 

I wonder if this gets fired when a user updates his profile information (custom fields, email address) with a custom profile form (data-ms-form="profile") in webflow? 

The data in MS gets updated without issues but the Zapier trigger is not fired for that user. 

Hello Hendrik 👋
Weird, well it seems like Memberstack is working since it's getting updated. Do you think you could create a loom.com video of your Zap so we can take a further look? 
Hi JS, Thanks for the response. I bypassed the update member flow via a webflow form and use that as a trigger. That worked. 

The flow was like this: 
* Webflow forms with data-ms-form atrribute
* submit form 
* data in memberstack gets correctly updated

Over to zapier
* select update memberstack member trigger
* only updates from the onboarding flow (different flow) get shown in test results. Even after reloading. The update member trigger doesn't receive the web form update. 

I could do a loom video but have already build and deployed the alternative version. Which is triggering it with Webflow Form update. 

Okay, sounds like it's working? If I'm wrong, let us know! Some times things get lost here, so feel free to send us a ticket and it will be answered quicker! 

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