Hey all,  I'm Tim from Australia.

I'm a designer/ frontend developer come Webflow Developer.  Pretty much only work in Webflow these days.   In days gone by I've built all kinds of things from Drupal based company intranets to JS web apps.

Have loved watching Memberstack grow from it's early days and keen to keep in touch with community.
Tim!! So glad you're here!

Hope you've been doing well 🙏
Hey Tyler, happy to be here.  Hope you guys are well too!
Hey Tim 👋 Welcome to the community!

I am a Drupal guy too... until I found Webflow. 😆

Drupal is an awesome tool, just really got sick of the maintenance and constant module updates  & errors, can just focus on design now.
Welcome, Tim! Love your portfolio on the Webflow showcase.

Also saw that you Kitesurf — it is my ultimate dream to be able to learn how to do it haha. 😁 Last year, when I was learning how to surf, I always saw a bunch of kitesurfers literally gliding on waves in the distance and I can't even imagine how fun that might feel haha 😍
Hi Naitik,

Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, You should get a kitesurfing lesson ASAP!! It is amazing fun, you will not regret it!

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