Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹

I'm sure we're all busy hacking away on our own projects between the times we stop in to offer a hand or to get help ourselves.

So, I'm curious, what's everyone working on?

I'm currently building a platform/marketplace/network (not sure which one yet) for crowdfunding real estate investments. "Syndicators", or organizers of these real estate deals collect capital from a pool of investors. Real estate investors commit $25k+ toward equity in these real estate projects and generate a passive return over the following ~5 years (usual goal) for 200% return. High ticket stuff.

I want to help real estate syndicators raise more capital so I'm allowing them to create attractive presentations for their deals and store them on my website. That's what I'm working on on now!

What about you?
That's awesome Vitaliy Gnezdilov ! I have been learning how to build chrome extensions and just got a class on React.js. πŸ˜ƒ
Sweet! What extension do you have in mind?
Vitaliy Gnezdilov Its top secret. Just kidding. Right now I'm just playing around and seeing what is capable. I would love to eventually create an extension to help with support.
Thanks for asking, Vitaliy! I don't have any side-projects going at the moment, but always happy to brainstorm challenges with folks that are working through some.

I've been helping a local team that's working on a sustainability project to make it easier for restaurants to provide environmentally-friendly food on their menus. 😁
Hey, nice meeting you Naitik!

Would love to check out your progress. Feel free to post somtime!
brilliant idea, are you considering commercial real estate?
Hey Collin! Yup! Various asset classesβ€”mobile home parks to office complexes to multi-family.

What brings you over to the forums?
Vitaliy Gnezdilov Β just trying to learn and grow with the product. Hopefully learn best practices and find cool people to connect with :)
That sounds awesome Vitaly.Β  I would love to invest there! Β 

I'm working on launching a company that helps couples have better relationships.Β  We do personality profiles on each person and then send you both (separately) custom date ideas, gifts to buy, acts of kindness, etc to do for your partner based on how they're wired.Β  Then we nudge you a little bit throughout the month so you don't get sidetracked. Β 

Anywho you've been really helpful when I've been stuck and it's much appreciated.Β  I'm a mechanical engineer so I understand the concepts but am new to building sites.Β  Thank you again!
Such a cool idea! Excited to see it come to life as you're building in the community 😊 Holler at us if you need feedback or input πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
I'll share a link to the prototype soon!

Great idea! I've seen this before, but always a slightly different variant. Do you have a user base already?

I love seeing people who have experience with something like mechanical engineering end up in entrepreneurship working on a relationship platform.

Let us know when you can share something!
HeyΒ ο»Ώ Vitaliy Gnezdilov ο»ΏΒ ! that sounds so cool. I have just starting taking some notes to hack something together that is very similar (but crowdfunding for startups!) - could we share some notes?Β 
For sure! Feel free to send me a message here on Slack any time. How far along are you?

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