Kamel Bentot

[💬] Delete account

How can I delete accounts? I have 2 test accounts that need to be removed and keep one that is being used for my client, but I receive a message saying that I need to contact the team. Thanks for your help in advance! 
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[Roadmap 🧭] Memberstack & Circle.so direct login after signup

I know that this is a super brand new integration and I am super grateful for it! But there is one thing that would be amazing is once the member signup to my website and click to the community button the member should be automatically signed up without having to signup on circle at all.

I don't know if it make sense and I am sure it's to much asking... But hey asking is free right? And also it will open the conversation? 🙂

Roadmap: The Circle Integration currently requires users to login twice

[✅] [🕐] Profile member cancelation from member private page on Webflow

I love the fact that members can cancel their membership anytime they want but I don't like the design and layout of the profile modal. Could it be possible to create some type of button action with some Memberstack value in Webflow like we do for signup and login? That would be amazing and more on brand!
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[Roadmap 🧭] Image saved to Memberstack from Webflow for member's dashboard

As now the only way to save images in signup is to send the image to Airtable with Zapier then send it back to Webflow.

🧭Gift Card

Gift cards would be an amazing feature. Giving possibilities to our customers the options to buy a gift card and send it as a present or to themselves would be amazing. I have a lot of my clients who require/request gift cards.
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[Roadmap 🧭]Custom CSS to customise exactly the way we want the popup modals

Would be great to change the design of the Memberstack popup modals and make it more on brand with our site. Not only change colors or font but the whole layout using Webflow.
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