Hey  Matthew Palmer ,
Thank you very much, it works well like that!
Hey Matthew,
you're making my day. Thank you a lot!
One thing: the links are assigned in the script, right? I would like to have a different link for every button. The link for every button is saved in a cms collection in webflow and every button gets its unique link from the collection. 
Is there a way to say: if user is not signed in it redirects to signup page (as before) but else it runs the link the button would normally run? The script should only block the link for not signed in users on the entire page.
Thank you again
 Matthew Palmer  Wooooow! Thank you very much for the great video, that's amazing. Is there also a way to block every link that starts with drive.google.com? Because I wanted to do it with a download button that gets the download link from a cms collection in webflow. 
Thank you for the amazing help!