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Web dev, integrations & email automation for membership businesses
I'm a web developer and email automation for membership businesses

💬 [Replied]Membership access to a group, with 6 months free and limited number of licences

I'm looking into options to give membership access from groups of people, so that they get 6 months for free and are then charged monthly. We'd also like to be able to limit the number of licenses from a particular group of people. 

For example:
  • Group A, 6 months free, limited to 100 people
  • Group B, 6 months free, limited to 200 people

I've looked into coupon and setting up a dedicated membership plan for this.


Coupons look like a good option as we can use the redemption limit for each group. However, I'm now sure if the 6 months free would work. 

If we set a discount as a fixed amount that is the equivalent of 6 months(which means the discount is greater than the first month), would a credit be applied for the next 5 months?

Dedicated membership plan

This works well from for giving the discount, as we can set a free trial to be the equivalent of 6 months. However, there is no limit of the number of people who can join a plan. Is there anyway to set such a limit? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Hi, I'm Blair

Hi all, Blair here. 

I'm a web developer and email automation consultant. I've worked with membership businesses for many years. I help them in building the solutions and long term improvements, as well as integrations with the other systems they use, and leveraging email automation. 

In the past it's mostly been with tools like Drupal, and the membership experience built with it has been pretty custom. Some of my newer clients are using Memberstack, and I  see low-code solutions like this as the future. 

I'm looking forward to learning more about Memberstack! 
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💬 [Replied] Zapier actions if member doesn't add card details after free trial

Hi all, I'm new around here! I'm looking for some guidance on Memberstack's Zapier integration. 

We have a membership with a 7 day trial and card payment isn't required upfront. We'd like to send them an email if they don't add their card payments when the free trial ends. 

To do that, I'm trying to setup a Zapier zap to set a tag in ConvertKit for these people. 

I'm looking at the Membership Changed trigger in Zapier. Would that trigger in this case?

If it does, then I presume I'd need to add a filter for the membership status with:
  • Old Membership Status: trialing
  • New Membership Status: active 

Is active the correct status for the New Membership Status?

Any tips greatly appreciated!