Hey Memberstack Community!ย  I'm having trouble get custom forms/data attributes to successfully sign people up for the different memberships - they sign people up for the default membership.

I tried adding the membership ID to the URL of the signup page as described in this link: https://forum.memberstack.io/t/webflow-creating-a-custom-signup-form-for-each-membership/1627

I also tried using the membership ID in the data attributes of the form on the page.ย  With that method, as soon as you clicked on the form, it would open the modal.

Here's the link for the default membership: https://www.authenticrel.com/hs-sign-up#/ms/signup/5faef2f95a5b760004f755e6

Here's the link for the higher membership that won't sign up correctly: https://www.authenticrel.com/hl-sign-up#/ms/signup/5faefa0683a07c00046efc96

They're still in test mode if you want to check them out.

Am I missing something?ย  Thanks!!
Hi Jennifer! Can you confirm that you've added the 'link value' to the button based on the links in your Memberstack Memberships page for the relevant membership?

You're saying you added this to the data attributes of your form and it didn't work?
Naitik and Chris, great questions.ย  I believe I added the link value correctly Naitik. And Chris, yes, the data attributes cause the modal to pop up and do not work with my custom form.ย  Here's a quick video to show how I have it set up and what happens.ย 

๏ปฟ ๏ปฟ
Thanks very much for your help!

Hey there.ย  I'm looking to switch from a custom app I built to Memberstack.ย  I require people to prepay for 3 months when beginning their subscription (for a discount) & then I kick into their regular monthly rate after 3 months.ย  How would I achieve this with Memberstack?

Hey Jennifer, welcome! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

Yes you can have a coupon for that specific membership. Eg: If itโ€™s a $100/mo membership, you could give members $300 off when they sign-up so it only kicks in after 3 months.

More on our Help Center article here as well: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3850094-create-a-coupon