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💬[Replied] Stock assets website questions

Hello all! 

I am currently building a website with Webflow and Memberstack that has stock assets that I'm hosting in an AWS S3 bucket for members to download. I'm running into an issue/limitation that I'm hoping someone can help me solve. Instead of locking specific pages/content behind a wall, we want to be able to allow each tier a specific number of monthly downloads. So if they pay for the base membership they get say, 5 asset downloads for that month if they pay for the middle membership they get 10 asset downloads (we'll most likely track downloads in Airtable). I'm using Integromat to send data between apps.

We want to allow users to browse all the assets without signing up or logging in but once they click to download an asset it will check if they are signed in. If they aren't they will be required to then log in or if they haven't signed up pick a membership and sign up. We would also like to allow them to "like" assets that will then be saved to their profile and that they can look through later, but again when they click the "like" button it would require for them to be signed in.

My problem is I am having a hard time figuring out how to make this happen because I'm not actually hiding any web pages. I hope this problem makes sense. I'm not sure if there is a solution with Memberstack 1.0 but hoping there might be one with Memberstack 2.0 that's being worked on? 

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! TIA!