[🧭] Secure Content Links

Memberspace offers secure content links: What are Content Links? - MemberSpace Help Docs 

This seems like something that should be relatively easy to add to your service and something that should be available right from the get-go. 

I have had to create an API that is invoked by frontend JS on page load and takes in a member ID and in my API it queries the Memberstack API to see if that member is active and then it returns a list of image URLs (stored in a database) that have been created with timestamps and UUIDs (so they can't be guessed) that are hosted on my Github (I have a Jekyll site). The idea is that nobody is going to be able to guess someone's membership ID. 

Is this on the roadmap?
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[🧭] Memberstack as an Auth0 identity provider

If Memberstack became an identity provider for Auth0 or had an integration with say a secure storage platform (Google, Amazon, Azure, etc.), then I could make make the retrieval of images and other protected content from this secure storage based on having a valid access token tied to the user's login and status.

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[✅] How to prevent HTTP clients like Postman from serving protected content?

When requested from an HTTP client that is not a browser, how can I prevent this content from being served? 
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[✅] How to fully remove HTML elements from webpage and not just hide?

How can I fully remove protected content from the served HTML document and not just hide the content from users who are not members? 
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[✅] How to prevent Chrome and apple link preview from exposing protected content on a page?

Use Chrome extension "preview any link, anywhere" or apple's mouse over preview and these expose a protected page's content. How can we prevent this?
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[✅] How to prevent Twitter and Stocktwits from grabbing imgs from protected pages?

If I post a link to a protected page to Twitter/ Stocktwits, how can I prevent them from grabbing an image on the page that is supposed to be protected? Essentially, how can I stop the twitter/Stocktwits crawlers? 
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