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✅[Solution] Updating email address changes in CRM or ESP (Such as Drip.com)

I'm trying to recreate a Zapier "zap" inside of Integromat but I'm stuck on email address changes. Somehow, and honestly I don't know how, Zapier does it. When a member changes their email address in my Memberstack site they are also updated in my Drip.com account. (Drip is what I use to hold all my email campaigns and send out updates, promotions, newsletters etc.) Zapier seems to handle the changes to email address in the backend because it didn't require any additional set up for me. Which is great but it's also a little worrisome if it ever breaks. Here's an image of my Zap that works just fine but I'd like to recreate in Integromat.

In attempting to recreate this setup in an Integromat scenario I think that I'm needing two fields - 1) New Email address and 2) Old Email address. So that when a member updates their email address I can use the <old email> to search for them in my CRM/ESP and then pass along the <new email> into the system.

This would be similar to the information that is passed along inside of Integromat for Membership changes. With those I can see the New membership and Old membership. I think, ideally this would be the same kind of format for other profile changes most importantly the email address.

Is that available or in the works?

Would appreciate some feedback on this question. And if anyone has ideas or work-arounds or is doing this I'd love to hear your thoughts too.
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F'in sweet Webflow hacks - (F'in Free)

If you are willing to do a few baby steps into low code tools and you have any site built on Webflow then you owe it to yourself to look into the tools and support offered by finsweethacks.com. The team at F'in sweet and Joe Krug have so many hacks that expand the functionality of Webflow that I'm absolutely certain your site, client, or project could benefit. 
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🙋‍♂️ Suggestion

Hey, not a question but a suggestion for Molly Floyd and Josh Lopez on the spaces... although MemberStack works with lots of platforms but there are a probably a few key ones like Webflow and Squarespace (and Wordpress?)… maybe it would be a good idea to have some community spaces dedicated to those specific platforms. So that folks that are working primarily on projects or with clients that are on Webflow would be able to congregate and collaborate on ideas and issues pertaining to their platform of choice. It would also make it easier to search through threads within that specific community space/platform.

Also, maybe consider adding a "Community feedback" space under the Welcome section. Pixelgeek has one and I now realize that this would have been the place for me to post this suggestion. 
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