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How to Upload a default profile picture for profiles

Hi guys,

This may be considered easy for many, but I wanted to share how I upload a default profile picture automatically on sign up.

Here is my zapier workflow:

Here's how it works.
  1. Create or find a profile photo. I found one from google images and recreated it, and colored it in Illustrator so it's high quality.

2. Upload the image to dropbox.

3. Make sure you have your Airtable and Webflow CMS correctly set up too (with profile picture field item, as well as memberstack ID and webflow item ID which you'll probably need in the future)

4. Create your Zap. New member in Memberstack -> Find file in dropbox (you have to copy and paste the file name + extension so it is a 1-to-1 match) -> Create member CMS live item (and use the direct media link from dropbox) -> parse all information to Airtable.

- Evan

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[✅] Is it possible to activate a switch in the webflow CMS from "on" or "off" automatically (from sign up) based on the membership?

I have two types of memberships. Their profile styling/layout will be different based on which type of member they are. Right now I only have two members, but I will eventually have 4 I think. (1 paid and 1 free creator, 1 paid and 1 free brand)

Is this possible? 

[💬] Two member types. How to gain control of the user data?

I'm creating a marketplace with two user types: creators and brands. (in webflow) 

I'd like to have two member CMS lists to reference to: Brand Members and Creator Members. (Brand members are subscribed to a "brand membership", creators are subscribed to a "creator membership" through memberstack)

Am I able to create new CMS list entries based on the membership? I can see that the API allows for identification of which membership they have, but how can I control it so "new account with membership type A creates a new CMS item in CMS list A" and "new account with membership type B creates a new CMS item in CMS list B"?

I've tried to select the membership type and then select the CMS list:
and then select the corresponding member CMS list:
but after doing this for "creators" and "brands", it just creates two profiles in "brand members" and "members" in my webflow CMS, no matter which type they signed up for. 

Is it possible to do this or am I stuck creating the same member type? Any other tips related to controlling the data are appreciated.
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[✅] Setting a user name in a text block

I'm creating a dashboard (where all users are accessing from the SAME url, not member specific pages) and I want to update a string of text to show the users name when theyre logged in. 

I've watched this video and as I understand it, it's impossible to grab the user's name and store/retrieve it in memberstack from their signup? If so what is the point? 

Isn't there some way to have a user sign up with multiple fields (company name, name, picture, etc) and have it automatically update once they sign in, and not force them to input all their information after they've signed up in some pop up modal or something? How do I do this??

[✅] Creating filters in CMS lists based on the user who is logged in...?

I'm building a dashboard in webflow for creators and brands. 

When brands post a brief and accept a creator to do their project, I need to generate a small CMS list that has a picture and external link to another site, which only they (the creator and the brand) should be able to see and then click to access.

Similar to this: https://i.imgur.com/62V73rh.png

For users who haven't gotten any projects yet, they should not see anything in the CMS list.

Is this possible? I cannot for the life of me figure it out.