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Full stack developer, writer and podcaster at TalkingCity, and hardware technician at Cycliq

✅[Solution] Terms & Conditions on signup form?

Since governments are starting to finally catch up with the internet and are starting to enforce things like cookie banners and T&Cs, does the Memberstack team have plans to implement a tick box in the signup form and has anybody else done this? 

Hi there! New robot in the community

Hi everyone, my name's Liam! I'm 18, from Perth, Australia, and I've been using Memberstack for just over a year.

A little about how I got into Memberstack:
For about 3 years I was working on launching a startup centered around companion robots to help people like myself with mental/psychological disabilities and I used a site to do that. I eventually learnt PHP and spent those 3 wonderful years basically using Wordpress as a big collaboration space for myself. But in 2019 I was running out of money for my robot and my interest shifted to building a virtual robot first, as well as getting back into citizen science, as I was coming to the realisation that the companion robot project wasn't really as fulfilling as I once hoped it would be. I got into Python & C# development and started making little webapps that integrated with different NASA APIs and joined a team of developers that participated in scientific hackathons. 
Around this time I was messing around with WP and basically (after having a major scare involving the breaking of the site) realised that Wordpress was great. But for what I was doing then, I just didn't need it. I spent the whole week learning about integrating memberships into static sites, able to be hosted on Github, and found Memberstack to be one of the best solutions. I started using it in January 2020 and it was amazing!
A few months later I saw that they were hiring and I put in an application where I got to meet Duncan & Naitik. While unsuccesful in joining the development team I was able to have a few insightful discussions with them and they've been really helpful with learning about managing a startup. 
Last year I was going through year 12 in the middle of covid and I basically decided to make citizen science applications my full-time job. I contacted my team and basically said "I want to make a games network where people can contribute to scientific research while playing games, let's start screwing around with this" and over the next few months I recreated my workflow. Notion for collaboration, django for webapps, AWS for machine learning, Unity for game development and Github pages for websites. And it's all linked together by Memberstack.
The beauty of memberstack is you can link multiple sites together and all you need to know is how to implement scripts into headers. Notion, Wordpress, and Jekyll can all be crafted into a singular "CMS" with Memberstack. It doesn't matter whether you're a content creator, community manager or a development team - it. just. works. 
So that's basically my story. I grew up and learnt to stop using Wordpress :D but I'm still the same guy who likes to tinker around with things.

What I can help with:
As someone that understands the development process, as well as the Memberstack application, I feel that I'm qualified to provide support to people looking to see what is possible with memberstack. I volunteer with Memberspace and as well - I think that there's so many community options out there and each of them caters to a different section of the market. There's many features that Buddypress has that Memberstack doesn't - and there's many features that Memberstack has that Memberspace doesn't. I'm sure that the developers of Memberstack would agree that it's not the best solution for everyone - but they're working incredibly hard to make it the best product and judging by the growth over the last 12 months, this is definitely possible. 

I still work with Wordpress (for example, the games library I'm creating will be relying on a Wordpress site) because I recognize that for some projects, it's useful. I have used Django, Jekyll, GoHugo, Bootstrap, Vue, React, and Flutter extensively and over the course of my professional life I've worked on many projects that use platforms similar to Memberstack - whether that's for the login/signup features or the content dripping. If you want to know how to tie things together or find out what you need to get to make the product you want, I'm happy to help.

I'm glad to be back in the Memberstack community and I can't wait to get back to interacting with all of you - you guys are fantastic. 

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