Jakub Foglar

 Matthew Palmer  Ok now we’re getting somewhere very sweet. The way I see it now is, I "just" need this:

When a membership is changed –> update the member’s custom fields:
  • When the user buys Course 1 -> "course-1" should be "purchased"
  • When they buy the bundle -> "course-1", "course-2", and "course-3" should get the "purchased" value.

This would solve it all for me, I think. I wouldn’t even have to worry whether I’m using the native popups, if they’re signing up or just logging in, or already logged in etc.

I do not have any idea where I would plug the code, though 😅 (and also how does the code look like :D)

 Matthew Palmer  Matthew, sorry to bother you again, but do you think this method can somehow cover also these things (originally I forgot I need all these):
  • How does this work with people who already have an account? I’d like to use the MS login popups too.
  • On my pricing page, there are 2 memberships to choose from –> first one is just for "Course 1", second one is a bundle of "Course 1", "Course 2" and "Course 3".  So in the MS modal, I need to distinguish between this. –> if the user buys the bundle, the value "purchased" should be written in all three of the course fields.
 Matthew Palmer  Hello again Matthew 😀great stuff! This totally simplifies my flow, can’t wait to try it out on the project. I’ll use this on my "company-specific" CMS page, as mentioned in the other problem you’re helping me with (here for reference: https://community.memberstack.com/c/community-support/support-needed-linking-users-to-a-company#comment_wrapper_1365260).

And I think I can plug in the slug of that CMS page to use for the "company" of the user and any other info. Wow, such possibilities!

To provide more info.

I know I could use a custom form with a hidden field of "Course 1" with value "purchased". That way the information would get stored in the member data withou needing Zapier at all.

I would rather use the MS login/signup popups though, where there is no way to add a hidden field, if I’m not mistaken.
 Matthew Palmer  Thanks Matthew, this is good advice!

As for 2.), I would appreciate any custom code block you could provide :D I’m really not good with code at the moment. What you say is correct. To sum up, I need to look into the user’s metadata and pull up their company – but not directly display that text string, but rather say "if the company field is awesome-company, than display Awesome Company". If that makes sense. I can just enter the list of the slug+name of the companies manually, it’s only around 10 companies.

3.) Yes good thinking! That’s why I’m trying to store the course access in the user data, not just in the membership type. Then, they just "change memberships" when buying new courses, but still would have access to the old ones. So -> I need some code to check if the user’s "course 1" equals "purchased", and then display whatever div/image/graphic I create as said achievement.

Thanks for your help!
 Matthew Palmer  So, here is some of the stuff I’d like to do:

  1. Show a logo of the user’s company on one of the regular website pages. The logo is stored in the company’s CMS entry in Webflow. The slug of that CMS entry is the same as the "company" metadata field in the user’s Memberstack entry.
  2. Similarly, pull the company name from that same CMS collection and show it on the website.
  3. Show/hide any div based on the member’s metadata field. Example: we’re selling multiple courses. I will store that in the member’s metadata as "course 1 = purchased", "course 2 = not purchased" etc. Now, I’d like to show badges/achievements for every course the user has purchased, and similarly show the ones they didn’t purchase, to see what they are missing out on.
If I can solve these 3 use cases, I can do basically everything I would wish for on this particular project. Thanks in advance for your help!

 Matthew Palmer  That would be fantastic! I’ll follow up soon with what exactly I’m trying to accomplish. Thanks!
Sidney, I’m solving a similar problem that you have. I wanted to have as much info about members as possible in Memberstack, not in Webflow CMS.

I’ll try to explain but it might not make much sense 😅

  1. There is a company-specific signup page. Companies are a collection in Webflow so I can centrally control the design and features of this page. If a new company wants to use our website, we create a new collection item for said company and send them the link to their page.
  2. On that page, the custom signup form assigns the coming users to a free "companies" membership (not spefific to any one company).
  3. In the form, there is a hidden field of "company" that I pass the slug of the collection item into (see the pic).
  4. Every member now has a field in MS of their company! (the screenshot is in czech, "firma" = "company")
Now,  Matthew Palmer  , here’s where you gave me hope for my problem! I need to be able to filter stuff on the website based on the company metadata field. How do I do that in Webflow? I love their conditional stuff on collection pages, but there is now way to pull MS data into it, right?

I know that I can pull in the name of the company from the metadata field, and show it on the website. But how do I use it for "if/else" stuff, if you know what I mean?

Sorry for such a long post and thanks,

I am running into a similar problem.

Coupons correctly apply the discount, and I can see the ones I have set up in Memberstack in the Stripe dashboard. BUT there is no "redemptions".

Like this: