Jakub Foglar


✅[Solution] Troubleshooting Zapier’s error "member could not be sent to Memberstack"

I’m running into a problem with Zapier. I hope somebody can help me!

I am trying to store information about users’ purchased courses in their MS data. So I can A.) go around the current one-membership-per-user limitation, and B.) show achievements for the users, without relying on their current membership.

Here’s the setup of my Zap:
  1. Trigger: New member in Memberstack, only for "membership X" (using Zapier’s paths feature to filter for that membership)
  2. Action: Update member in Memberstack – specifically, assign a value of "purchased" to custom field "Course 1".
Zapier gives me the following error. I think everything is set up correctly though!

Edit: if somebody is here for the original Zapier issue, it turns out it’s working just fine. The issue was that the test data couldn’t pull the member from MS, but once the Zap is on, it works 🚀