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💬 [Replied] Turning attributes into clickable links

I am using the attributes form member profiles to display their information on Squarespace using <a> tags. While the tags appear to be links, they don't actually end up linking anywhere. I have some members with social media and want the links to be clickable to their social media on the website. 

So I would have a  tag like <a data-ms-member="instagram"> None </a> and when the Instagram link shows up on their profile, I want it to be clickable but not sure how to go about it. 

Thank you 

💬[Replied] Knowing which member filled out Squarespace form

I have a few Squarespace forms on my members-only pages and I want to track which submission is associated with which member. Either through their name or email, not super important. 

I'm okay with using another form service, but I can't seem to figure this one out. 


🧭[Roadmap] Updating Members Information through a spreadsheet


I have a membership of around 350 users and I want to add a new field to their profile. I have the information on me in a spreadsheet, where each email is a unique row. Is there a way I can import that into each of the user's profiles without having to add it all manually. Unfortunately, having the users input the information themselves is not an option. 


💬[Replied] Tracking changes when member updated with Zapier

I have a very simple Zap working where it send me an email on Outlook every time a member updates their profile, which includes things like social links. 

It is working fine, but what I need is for it to also tell me which fields specifically were updated. Currently, there are around 15-ish fields and just getting an email with the new fields isn't doing the trick, as I am having to refer to a separate database with old information and mix and match.