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Hi everyone!

βœ…[Solution] Client Dashboard Cloneable - Width of Progress Bar

Hi All!Β 

I have a question:

  • The progress bar on the Client Dashboard cloneable works by linking a CMS field to some custom code. So if the field is 31 - the width of the bar is 31%Β 
  • I want to replace the CMS field with the number of items in a specific CMS. Essentially if there are 23 items in a collection list, the width of the progress bar should be 23%Β 

Β  Β width: [Number of items in collection list]%;
Β  Β }
Β  Β </style>

Is this possible?


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πŸ’¬[Replied] Webflow - Memberstack - Luma

Hi All,Β 

I want to set up a flow of:

  • User is logged in, via memberstack, on our site (webflow) and accesses our events page
  • On the events page - they click 'attend' on one of the events in the CMS
  • On click - user's email address is sent to Luma which registers them for the event automatically via Zapier

Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks!