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💬 [Replied] Triggering both Memberstack Webhooks Everytime I Signup a Member

Hi There,

I have gotten into an issue with triggering both memberstack webhooks in integromat when someone signs up as a member. I have two webhooks in memberstack.

  • I have setup one webhook that triggers when a new member signs up and another webhook that triggers when a member makes an update to their profile. However, they both trigger whenever a new member signs up. 
  • When I update a member, it only triggers the member update trigger and not the new member trigger. 
  • Maybe one of the triggers need to be the "Watch Memberships" module/trigger? Currently, both triggers are using the "Watch Members" module. 

Please help! Let me know! Thank you! 

💬 [Replied] Some profile items can't be updated?

Hi guys! Thank you for this wonderful community in advance 🙂

So I'm able to allow members to sign up, however, I am not able to get some items updated. The user can update some items but it can't on others. Any idea what I'm doing wrong??

Email + Password doesn't update either.

Video of problem:

💬 [Replied] Webflow Item ID to Memberstack using Integromat

Hi There!

     I have been stuck on this for more than 10 hours. Looked at all the tutorials out there and still haven't figured it out. When a member signs up, it creates a member in Memberstack and Webflow. The issue is the third step, returning the Webflow "Item ID" and passing it to Memberstack. Please help!! 

Main problem is feeding back any information into Memberstack using this method. The "Item ID" goes into Airtable fine (when I setup the Airtable module as the 4th step, see below posts). So I know that the Item ID from Webflow (2nd step) is being retrieved successfully. I even setup a fifth step where I tried to feed the "Item ID" from Airtable back into Memberstack and it still didn't work. The main problem is either the HTTP Request module for the Memberstack step or Memberstack isn't allowing information to pass in, only allows Memberstack to pass out information to other apps (passing information to Airtable for example worked fine). 

Would love a Zoom Call. Thanks!

 Josh Lopez   ChrisDrit   Admin Account