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Site fully accessible when Webflow can’t connect to the MemberStack API (server down / bad connection)?

Hello, nice to meet you all! I'm Mark, designer and webflow developer and I'm in the process of finalizing a member community, including dashboards, courses, etc. for a school in the Netherlands.Β 

I have connected Memberstack with Webflow and I' using Integromat to glueing it all together. The site is almost finished and everyone is happy with it. We want to go live in about 2 weeks. I just tried to login to my memberstack account, but somehow I couldn't connect. it looked like the server was down or there was a hickup in the connection for 5-10 minutes.Β 

Other sites were easily accessible to me, so it was not my own internet connection. but that also made me see that the built site was completely accessible because the Memberstack header script probably couldn't connect to the Memberstack API (<script src=" " data-memberstack-id="memberstack id etc."></script>). Everything was visible, including all member-only content. By the way, Javascript was enabled in the browser. Now my question is: is it correct that it is possible that Memberstacks sites become fully accessible (gated content , individual members dashboards, etc.) should the Memberstack server go down or that no connection can be made in some other way?Β 

Any help, tips or tricks or advice is highly appreciated!Β