Siddhant Mehta

Staff Product Designer, Slack
Product and Design leader β€” with 12 years of experience designing for mobile and web apps at scale (100M+ users).
πŸ‘‹ Hey folks! I'm a Staff Product Designer at Slack HQ. If you're looking for design advisors or any early feedback on your product, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I've been advising/sharing design feedback with the Memberstack team over the past year and it's great excited to see this community grow!Β 
Hi Siddhant!! Wow, thank you so much for extending that offer to the community. Folks, if you're in need of feedback or advice I highly recommend you reach out.

So glad you're here πŸ™
Woohooo hey SiddhantπŸ‘‹
Hey! I know you! Welcome, Siddhant! I hope your day is going splendid. πŸ˜ƒ