How to setup multi-step form?

Hey community!

I am working on a Webflow membership site and I want a multi step signup form. Something similar to this ( but on the member stack help centre, I read a post saying that webflow forms won't work because of some security reasons. 

Some mentioned work around were webhooks and zapier but I couldn't find any video tutorial or guide to setup that. Can anyone please help me with how can I make this work?

Can we except an updated video tutorial on this? Memberstack is an amazing tool and I really think it would be perfect for my use case if I am able to make this multisite signup form work.

Edit 1: I tried using zapier (webflow form submission -> create member in member stack) but this exhausts the webflow form submissions limits very quickly.
*Webflow only allows 1000 forms submission per month on cms plan and only 2000 form submission per month on business plan.