Hugh Laverty

Digital Designer
Hey folks! I'm a digital designer specialising in Webflow & Memberstack. Based in Melbourne, Australia 🌴
One of my client’s Webflow sites has Member-Specific Pages, created via Zapier upon member signup and written back into Memberstack's 'Member page' field. The problem is I have a button 'Get Started' that is linked to the #/ms/member-page/default dynamic link, which fails to appear on the site unless the page is reloaded. 


Steps to Recreate:

Signup for an account on that link above.

  1. Wait for the page to redirect after 10 seconds

  2. Observe no green ‘Get Started’ button.

  3. Reload page, and then it magically appears.

The Zap behind the scenes takes no more than 2 seconds to fully complete, so there’s plenty of time for the Member-Specific link to write to Memberstack.

Any ideas why this is happening? It worked fine last year, but seems to have broken over Christmas.