Molly Floyd

Customer Success @ Memberstack
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Quick question for those who are interested, Duncan posted a topic last week over in questions; We hoped that creating a space called "Questions" would allow you to share whatever questions you most need help answering as well as being able to search through previously asked questions to see if others ideas and solutions spark discussions and new ideas. 

Chris raised a fantastic point, one which we are trying to figure out ourselves. 

We wanted for you to be able to quickly see if a question has a solution or not but is also still open to continuing the discussion and ideas thread. 

We’re experimenting with [Solutions ✅] for the next few days. 

Please let us know what you think, we are open to hearing everything and anything🙏
I think the key as you mentioned is "quickly see if a question has a solution or not but is also still open to continuing the discussion".

Often times there's a solution, but somebody more often than now contributes an alternative or an update that's even better than before. That's a good thing! I like that this forum is a discussion rather than just a problem/solution place. Builds a better sense of community.
A space for you to share any tips, tricks, hacks or workarounds you discover along the way!
All triggers now include member profile information.

Before, profile info was only included in the New Member and Member Updated trigger.

It’s now accessible in Membership Changed, Membership Canceled, and Member Deleted triggers!

General non-memberstack related conversation, get to know each other better - anything goes👭👬👫
Do you have thoughts or feedback on what Memberstack could do better as a team? We're all ears — our goal is to improve as a team, a product, and as people, so no feedback is too harsh.

The feedback can be about anything from: product, design, user interactions, marketing materials, content, community, or anything else. Your feedback shapes what we work on next so anything goes.

Our promise to you is to take the feedback positively and help you build a successful business or application. 🙏
Incase anyone missed our big announcement - We now support over 1,000 businesses and have raised some money🤯

1. Scaling to 1,000+ businesses and beyond 🚀
In 15 months since our public launch, we are now serving a strong community of 15,000+ users and 1,000+ businesses who have made over $8M+ through Memberstack.

2. Backed by industry leaders
Earlier this year, we raised funding to grow the team — led by Darian Shirazi at Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused venture fund) and with participation from Village Global (backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Marissa Mayer and more), Firebase co-founder Andrew Lee, 1517 Fund, Ankur Nagpal (CEO of Teachable), Andrew Wilkinson (Tiny Capital, Dribbble), Liquid2 Ventures and many other remarkable leaders who have been guiding us along the way. This summer, we were also excited to be a part of Y Combinator's Summer 2020 batch.

You can read more about the future of Memberstack and our mission to build infrastructure for developers to manage authentication and payments at scale here.
Hey everyone👋

My name is Molly - I’m based in London, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

So excited to watch this community grow. It’s been so cool seeing what projects everyone is working on and learning new things. 

Fun fact, I loooove to travel. I just bought a suuper old campervan, I took inspiration from Duncan and i'm hoping to travel around Europe when it's safe to do so🚙
Molly! I legit almost bought a camper van to live out of earlier this year before COVID happened! 😂🤣 #VanLife.

I had every intention of getting on the road & traveling to different festivals to just have that freedom & go directly towards new performance opportunities so that I could build a more grassroots, in-person connection with new people & build brand recognition & a community around my music!

Instead, I ended up having to move back home with my family because I had already moved out of my rental & sold most of my belongings 😬😂 but it has been a blessing in disguise, allowing me the time to further develop the backend of my business & create a more cohesive digital ecosystem around my brand!
Covid stopped a lot of plans this year😟 Sounds like it was indeed a blessing in disguise if it's allowed you to further develop your business and focus on what's important! I think thats the most important thing to take from the world nearly ending this year, being able to stop in our tracks, take in our surroundings and be grateful for the little things we normally disregard. 

If the opportunity does arise again you should definitely consider van life, although Duncan is a pro at van life now, i'm a part time van life-er😂 I bought an old Volkswagen T4, i'd say it's not big enough to live in full time, but perfect for weekends and short breaks away. I'm going to spend the impending second lockdown giving her a good clean and mini makeover ready to take her on the first Christmas trip!
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