💬[Replied] Member Approval Then Change Membership Via Airtable & Zapier

Hey guys! 

I was looking for some help on a few sticking points I have. 

So I have two memberships

“Pending Membership” 
“Approved Membership”

Currently, I have member stack setup where when a user signs up they are actually signing up to a membership called “pending” first as that is the default membership.

The reason I have this is that once a user signs up they are sent to an Airtable form when filled out I can change the status of that entry to approved within Airtable once I’m happy with all of the details within that entry. 

The form contains fields that are used to set up profiles for that user. They have a choice of either registering a “Startup Profile” or an “Individual Profile”

 Once an entry status changes to approved it then is moved to either “Startup Members Approved” or “Individual Members Approved”

What I was hoping for is that within zapier it automatically sends a trigger once moved to the approved view where it then changes the user's membership from “pending” to the “approved membership” which I have set up within member stack. 

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