Tyler Bell

Cofounder & Software Engineer
Cofounder & Software Engineer @ Memberstack.com

✅ You can now programmatically select a membership for signup

This one is for all the developers out there 😄

Instead of relying on members to click on a button that contains a membership ID, you can now use the following function.
This will select the membership you would like the member to signup for 😄
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Hello from Williamsburg!

Hey all! I'm Tyler 😀 

I'm really excited to see this community grow – thanks so much for being a part of it! 🎉

Quick facts about me...

I have a dog named Kate. She's actually Memberstack's mascot 🐕  If you look closely, you'll occasionally see her in our emails.

I love hiking, especially during fall 🍁 It's one of my favorite things.

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