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How to allow only logged in members to submit a Webflow Form into the CMS, but allow anyone to read it

Howdy all 👋

One of the biggest problems I hit with Webflow is not being able to submit a form directly into the CMS. If I could, with the help of MemberStack, I’d be able to build a full-blown web application.

Welp! This video gives you the building blocks to do just that.
With part 1 you have a Webflow form submitting into the CMS. With part 2 we layered on memberships with MemberStack, only members can add comments, but anyone can read them.

With this video, part 3, we’ll link a logged-in member to all of their comments via Multi-Reference fields and give them a personalized dashboard to view them all.
None of this could be done without MemberStack, so here’s a deep dive showing how to make it all work: 

After you’re done with the video you can get:
  1. Read access to this Webflow project.
  2. All of the sharable Zapier zaps used to create this.
  3. Access to the live site, click around and see how it works.
  4. My cheatsheet. The step-by-step notes I created for this video walk through.
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Profiles & Custom Modals with Memberstack (How To)

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Verify Email Addresses before New Member Signup

MemberStack has this feature on their radar and queued up to implement 😍 but in the meantime...

I wanted to share how I solve this with a screencast walking through my setup:
I understand one long 33 minute video can be a bit daunting to stream your way through 😱 

So I've broken this up into short, bite sized chunks on my blog post along with more resources and help than I could squeeze into a video 😎

Find it here:

As always, I'm available for questions and help!
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Setup Secure File Downloads

So MemberStack has this feature on their radar and queued up to implement 😍

But in the meantime...I wanted to share how I solve this problem with a screencast walking through my setup.

I'm using Webflow & MemberStack for this, and combining Integromat (free account) with Amazon Web Services (free account) to allow your logged in members to download files 👍

For this walk through I'm going to verify, directly with MemberStack, that every time someone clicks to download a file, they are a logged in member on your site 🤯

If they bypass your “hidden” content and try to download your files, they can’t 😎

Check it out:

I understand that one long stream of a video can be difficult to follow at times, so...

I've broken it all up into smaller bit sized chunks to make it easier - along with adding more resources than I could fit into this video.

Find it all at my site:

Cheers 🍻
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NoCodeQuest - How To Video Screencasts (free)


Howdy, 👋 my name is Chris Drit and I've been wandering down this path of Webflow, Memberstack, Zapier, Integromat, and Airtable for some time now.

I thought I'd do this in public by sharing everything I learn on my site with video screencasts, articles, how-to's, and just make myself generally available to help with whatever I've learned along the way 😎

Check out the site and all its resources, shoot me an email with questions, or just ping me here 🤓
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How to use the MemberStack Front End API (the basics)

Let's add some muscle 💪 to your site by using the Front End API 🚀

Walking through the basics of retrieving data:

Walking through the basics of adding/updating data:

Walk through the entire process here:
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✅Tips & Tricks

So there is a "Tools & Resources" space, but I'm ALWAYS stumbling into tips, ticks & hacks that help me along the way but I have no dedicated space to share them here. 

Can we get a space that I can post this kind of stuff?

Cheers! 🍻
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✅ A Public Roadmap

A public roadmap would be wonderful. 

Something as simple as a list in this community or even better... a public Trello board that tells us what features you all are currently working, and what's scheduled to come next.

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Howdy everyone, Chris Drit here. Happy to be jumping into the MemberStack community, it's looking awesome!

I’ve been exploring Webflow, MemberStack, Integromat, Zapier, Airtable, etc.. for awhile now and all it has to offer. Excited with what I’m seeing so far and looking forward to learning more!
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