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[Solutions ✅] Stripe.js loaded twice?

I have a Webflow eCommerce site where we sell items through Webflow and memberships through Memberstack. There is a warning in my JS console that Stripe.js is being loaded more than once and it shouldn't be. Not sure if it's Webflow or Memberstack loading it first. I haven't dived in that far.


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Server API to Set Plan

Memberstack could be used for any payment method and client interface if the server API could set plans for members.

We have a mobile app and want to enable app store in app purchases for subscriptions. Today we can have users signup for a free Memberstack plan with the appropriate entitlements via an embedded Webview and block the content until the IAP subscription is active, which I indicate by setting some Memberstack member metaData, but dealing with the Webview is a pain and not possible on some platforms (like embedded/IoT).

For B2B we will soon support an invoice payment method coupled with our Memberstack site/app. Corporate clients pay us to provide our fitness program to their employees. We have businesses signing up for, say, a 50 member pack (typical B2B SaaS per user pricing) and are invoicing the business instead of the individuals.

Short of fully supporting IAP subscriptions and bulk invoicing for members, being able to set plans via the server API would be quite helpful.
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Authentication/Authorization for Mobile

I'm building a react-native mobile app for my members and would like to use a native view to login and signup. Right now I have a custom page hosted in an embedded web view where the user can login to MemberStack and retrieve a token. I would like an API-based login/signup so I can create a RN view for it.

With that the authorization would need to be included in the token (which members-only content the token can access).
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