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Founder @ EcoCulture
I am developing a platform for sustainable life education and products positioning. It will include strong CSR in the form of received cashback for every purchase that can be donated to social causes.

✅[Solution] Modals don't show up

Hi guys, 

I am developing a platform for sustainable life education, and one of the basic functionalities will be for people to create profiles and set up a few things about themselves. 

I need to set up the login & signup modals, which should open on the following URLs:

The main page URL is added properly in the admin panel - https://

I have tested via a few browsers -  Google Chrome and Mozzilla Firefox.

The domain supports SSL, the website does have the memberstack javascript included in the <head> element of the website, and I have a created a membership plan (free one).

I do have tested whether it is included properly, and the platform returned that it is.

What I am missing, and what could be the reason to not see the modal showing up?

Thanks for checking out.