James Cowen

Creative Director Yes Captain + TheNode
G'day. I run a motion design studio in Melbourne... and Node Fest - the premier motion design event Down Under.

[βœ…] show/hide Webflow ecommerce Products based on MS membership type


I have 3 products in my Webflow ecommerce site.Β 
I only want to show 1 product depending on which type of member is logged in.
The products are really the same thing, just with a different price for different memberships. The 3 products are currently displayed via a Product Collection List.

  • If Member Free is logged in show Product 1
  • If Member Studio is logged in show Product 2
  • If Member Business is logged in show Product 3

anyone know how to do this with code, or conditional visibility?

TheNode directory - motion designers down under

We're excited to have launched http://thenode.directory this week with 60 paying members on launch day πŸš€

It's a member's directory of the best motion design and animation talent in Australasia, linked to our annual events.

I started building this late November 2020 having never heard of nocode before. The community help has been amazing and Memberstack has been an invaluable part in getting this site functional.

Thanks so much. Can't wait for Memberstack 2.0 and the future of nocode.
Founder | TheNodeΒ 

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[βœ…] API help - Parabola & Memberstack

I'm trying to push Google Analytics data to Memberstack's custom fields so as to show stats on a static Webflow users-dashboard page

Had no problems pushing GA to Airtable or Webflow in Parabola, but can't get it working for Memberstack.

If I test pulling data into Parabola from MS, it works but doesn't show all my fields.
(I tried a GET request using https://api.memberstack.com
/v1/members/ as the API endpoint and setup an API key in MS, plugged that into Parabola's Request Header with x-api-key as the Header Key)

Any tips to help me get this working please?

[βœ…] Job Board - job pack credit system

Hi AllΒ 

I want to add a feature in my job board where a customer can buy a 5-pack or a 10-pack of job ads.

So after the user buys the 5-pack, their dashboard would be updated with 5 credits and 1 credit would be used each time they post a new job.

Looking for a way to implement this credit system. Anyone know of an e-commerce product or solution to this - in a nocode / automation manner?

I know this isn't an MS feature specifically, but thought the nocode community here might have a solution?!


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