Duncan Hamra

Co-founder @ Memberstack.com

Memberstack is hiring a Web Designer & Webflow Expert 😁

How would you like to focus your web design talent, time, and energy on Memberstack's website, and to spend your weeks getting paid to build useful things for the Webflow community? If this sounds like a dream job we want to hear from you 😁

Full Job Description & Application here →

Quick details

  • Full-time Contract (40hr/wk)
  • Deadline to apply: May 1
  • Work remotely (European and US Timezones. EST preferred)
  • Long term position (12+ months)
  • Salary to be discussed prior to the first interview 👍

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[🎉🎉🎉] Want to partner with Memberstack?

Hey folks! We're beginning to lay the groundwork for a series of partner programs at Memberstack. Want to pitch us on something? Please drop up a comment in the wishlist. 

How you can help:

  1. We're going to share ideas and mockups in the wishlist before we release anything. Please ↑ Upvote or comment to receive notifications.
  2. Please share your past experiences working with partner programs. What worked for you? What didn't?

Future Programs we are exploring:

Programs we currently offer
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[🎉] Developer Beta Program

If you've already signed up for early access, thank you 🙏 Your feedback will have a meaningful impact on the next iteration of Memberstack. 

Have any questions about the Developer Beta Program? Feel free to ask them here. 

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🙋‍♂️Memberstack 2.0 Landing Page

Happy Thursday, beautiful people!

We're redesigning our developer landing page. We use Notion to collaborate as a team, but I've opened up this doc for commenting (feel free to pop in). Many of the internal links won't work for you, but the inspiration links at the bottom will. 

  1. Visitors should land on this page and think “Dang… Memberstack knew I was coming! And they know what I like.”
  2. We want to accurately portray the product we are currently building
  3. We can release in stages, so we’ll start simple and add some flare as we go.

I'm sharing here in case anyone has suggestions, questions, or wants to follow along. I don't have a formal design background, so I'm always open to learning new ways of doing things 😁
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💬[Replied] Metadata storage limits using front end API

Reposted from the Wishlist... 

Posted by:  Daniel Fascia  
  1. What are the storage limitations of the front-end API? How much data can you stuff into a user's JSON object? It would be good to know if this object is truly usable as something like a store for course progress etc or it is going to be too limited.
  2. What are the future plans for custom data storage?

From:  Tyler Bell 
Hey Daniel!
  1.  We don't have any limits on the JSON object 😃 That said, retrieve/update performance will be impacted based on the amount of data stuffed in the object.
2. We do want to visit more robust ways of storing data in the future, but haven't planned for that yet.

Is there anything you would like to see related to Memberstack + Data storage?

🧭We want to improve product transparency

I took some time this week to brainstorm a few different solutions in response to previous thread, and want to share them here.  ChrisDrit   Aletta Rulz   Rick Lindquist  Let me know if I missed anything 😁 (Btw I tried to write this quickly, so please excuse any typos).


Summary → Our roadmap affects your roadmap, and you have no idea what our roadmap is.
More →
1) You need to know what's been released (and how to use it). 
2) You need to know what use cases are supported (and which are not). This is primarily helpful to new users and the people who help them get started.
3) You need to know what's in progress now, what's coming down the pipeline, and what's never going to get built. Without seeing our roadmap, you don't know how to allocate time or resources effectively.
4) We (Memberstack) need to know if the solutions we're building are going to actually solve your problems.

In some sense, Memberstack is like a dev agency for 1000+ people. It's important that we clearly define our plans for the future and address roadmap questions honestly so you can decide if Memberstack, Memberstack + custom code, or some other solution is going to be the best thing for your business.


Our plan is to implement a few of these things starting next week. No idea which will stick or which we will pull. I've mapped problems to solutions in the list below. 

A) Feature table
Complete feature table on the marketing site. I've seen this done many time on the pricing pages of different saas products. (Solves 1)

B) Public wishlist
We want to hear your feature request, but most importantly we want to know your goals, and what blockers and constraints are keeping you from reaching those goals.

At the end of the day, we're all trying to run businesses that solve a problem so someone can accomplish some goal. I want to emphasize the phrase solve problems there. It's important to remember that building more features can be the solution, but not always. Successful companies (and people, for that matter) focus on solving problems with whatever resources and processes are available to them. Sometimes that means building features and sometimes not.

The first step in deciding how to solve a problem is deciding if the problem is worth solving in the first place. The process of determining whether or not a problem is both real and valuable is more complex than I first thought. In the early days of Memberstack we jumped at almost every feature request. "You want XYZ? Awesome! I bet we can do that... soon?" Say that 1000 times, and the only thing you'll get "soon" is hair loss from the stressful realization that you just over-promised and under-delivered to hundreds of people. The fact is we can't do everything that everyone wants us to do, and we need to be transparent about those things which we will not be working on.

All that to say, our wishlist will be highly curated. All feature requests are welcome, but I'll be personally creating wishlist items for you all to comment on. The wishlist maybe here in Circle, or we might try to use some wishlist software like Canny or Aha. I'm not a huge fan of voting systems, but I do want people to be able to subscribe for updates (Solves 2)

C) Public roadmap
Predicting the future is impossible, but we recognize it's important that we try for the sake of transparency and clear results regarding build speed. The categories I'm imagining for a public roadmap are...
Research & design → We've decided to solve a problem and we have some high-level solution ideas. The goal here is to flesh out those ideas and validate (or invalidate) them. By the end of this step, we should have a clear idea of what's required to ship it.
Planned → This is a staging area between "Research" and "In progress." Something that's planned has an approximate release timeline. (Probably specific to the quarter so we can work and hire accordingly)
In progress → This is actively being worked on. Doesn't mean it will be done soon, but it does mean that someone is actively writing code to bring it to life. Now might be a good time to share that we reserve the right to pull any feature from the roadmap at any time. We've learned over the last few months that the solution is almost always more complex than we thought at first glance. Social login is a great example. Once we realized social login required a few core foundational changes we decided to run a complete code overhaul to unlock a BUNCH of new features like multiple accounts, more payment gateways, more frameworks like React and vue, and so on. The good news is, if you had subscribed to "Social login" in our new roadmap you would have been notified when we started when we stopped, and why. If you were waiting for that feature you could now make an educated decision about outsourcing or looking for another solution. Of course, we want you to stay, but we want you to succeed more!
(Solves a bit of everything)

D) Feature request form
We need to reply to everyone who submits a feature request to set clear expectations so they can make an informed decision. If the requester fits our target customer persona, has a supported use case, and can articulate their goal and problems then I'll add the request as a new wishlist item to the public wishlist. From then on out that person will get notified as we make progress on solutions which we believe will solve their problem. (Solves a bit of everything)

E) Monthly Product AMA
Everything else is cool, but nothing beats a face to face conversation! I'm thinking about trialing a monthly product AMA where you can ask our product team any question you want about the future. We'll share what's new, major updates to the roadmap or company direction, and answer your questions live. There's a good chance we'll want to ask follow up Q's as well, take really good notes, and move the whole conversation into the wishlist / roadmap after. (Solves a bit of everything)

F) A list of supported and unsupported usecases
We have a really solid start in Intercom. Getting this updated and expanded is going to be a nice side effect of everything above.
Supported usecases
Unsupported usecases
(Solves #2)

Whew! I think that's everything. Stay tuned for updates next week. Looking forward to your thoughts! (Btw - no product development time was harmed in the making of this post 😁)
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✅[Solution] Does the Memberstack team know when a topic has been solved?

I'm testing out a few things... we want to make sure posts don't get dropped or remain unsolved. You may notice a few things moving around.
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Happy Tuesday!

My name's Duncan, I'm based in Williamsburg VA, I live in a van (down by the river), and I'm a co-founder at Memberstack.

I've been looking for an excuse to create a van tour video, so here it is!

Keep an eye out for new designs & updates as we continue to improve Memberstack. 

See you around ✌️
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