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✅[Solution] Is the update membership in Zapier working?

Hello guys,
I want to trigger a zap every time a member changes from one membership to another one but I noticed that Zapier shows me the same information from the old membership and the new membership.
Is this function working properly?

Thanks in advance.

✅[Solution] Limit on number of fields profile info?

Hello guys, 

I'm working on a project with a big onboarding form. My plan is to use a combination between Memberstack + Zapier + Airtable and Webflow but my client has a long form where he requires a lot of information from the users.

I want to store that information in Memberstack because I need to display in a directory and I need to give the user the ability to change that information at any point in the future. 

My client mentioned that he read that there's a limit on the amount of fields that a profile in Memberstack can have. Can you guys clarify tis for me?

Thanks in advance.

✅ Zapier integration only for MemberStack's Scale Plan or above is a bit steep

Hello guys,

This platform is awesome and I can't say how grateful I am that you guys as a company exist.

Today I want to say that seeing that Zapier integration is not included in the Starter plan is disappointing. Not only because the double of the price between the Starter and the Scale plans but because you guys are charging transaction fees on top of the monthly plan.

Plus the pricing page suggests that Zapier integration is included in all plans.

Is there anyway you can reconsider this move? 
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✅[Solution] Limited time for a free membership

Hello guys, 

Do you know if there's any way to limit the time that a member stays in a free membership?

Use case is as follows:

I want to be able to capture leads on a website as well as on facebook groups, google ads, etc. 
I'm creating a special form for this offering free access to a membership but after a certain time (15 days) I want to force them into a type of paid membership. If they decide not to pay the access is no longer permitted.
I know I can create a free trial access but that only works if the user signs up in my website, I want to be able to promote the offer on other landing pages, ads, etc as I mentioned earlier that's why I want to create a form (like typeform or something like that). 

I was thinking about using zapier to connect the form and trigger the 'new member option' but that only works with free memberships and not with paid ones even though they have a free trial period.

Any idea is appreciated.