[💬] Working With Infinite Loading

Right now, I am testing the app and the redirection seems to work fine, but fails when loading a "protected post" trough infinite ajax loading (a very common and useful feature in many thems inside Wordpress). 

  • Protected post: https://www.basketadn.com/ejercicios/contraataque/2c1-1-cualquier-canasta/
  • Next post (the protected one loads at the end) and redirection fails: https://www.basketadn.com/ejercicios/contraataque/3c2-autopase/

Could you help me to solve this issue? It's really important for us to keep using infinite ajax loading in order to have more pageviews and let users navigate easily.

[✅] Header Code Breaks My Site


I'm trying to install the header code script in order to test memberstack app, but it completely breaks my site (javascript functions, images, videos not loading).

Nevertheless, it seems to work ok if I'm logged as Admin.

Website: https://www.basketadn.com/